Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2009 Bowman error-filled set?

After inventorying the cards I picked up at a recent card show, I came across something interesting when it comes to the 2009 Bowmaan set.
For starters, check out this Matt Antonelli card (#191) that I picked up. I didn't find the error until I was home and poring over my new cards.
The first card is the correct Antonelli card, which I already had. The second one, however, has Antonelli's picture and faux autograph on the front, but if you look a little closer, you'll discover the nameplate, uniform number and position is incorrect - it's for John Lannan, a pitcher with the Washington Nationals.
Was it a case of getting the wrong pitcture on Lannan's card? I doubt it, since the card back has all the correct information and stats for Antonelli.
Which made me somewhat curious. Enough to track down other cards I have from that 2009 Bowman Baseball set.
I was able to find another error along those same lines.
Just like the Antonelli card, the Freddy Sandoval card (#216) has the correct Sandoval's picture.  However, the nameplate, uniform number and position belongs to Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki. Again, it's Sandoval's card, with the correct back and picture, but the wrong printed info on the front.
How many cards are there out there with these kind of errors? According to the "official" standard price guides, there are no reported errors for this set - at least not that they, nor the card company are aware of.
So now that I have everyone rushing out to check their cards from this set, I'm curious...Has anyone else found any other cards with these errors? I'm not interested as to whether these "errors" are worth more, I'm just kind of excited to have actually found these errors myself.

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