Thursday, April 16, 2015

On a roll? 2015 Gypsy Queen and Topps Opening Day packs

I have to admit to a slight change of plans. While I mentioned I would post my second 30-card pack of 2015 Donruss in my next post, what I found at Target last night is definitely worth pre-empting that post.
Let me begin by telling you why I've been spending so much time at Target, as of late. Since October, I've been following the Weight Watchers program with my wife and we've been religiously working at losing weight together. We've finally gotten our heads wrapped around creating a new lifestyle of eating changes, watching our portions, documenting what we eat, and aggressively working out.
And it really, really works. As of last Tuesday, I finally hit my goal weight of 227 pounds, dropping 60 pounds in the process. So, it was time to make another Target trip to pick up some new jeans, since I've gone down a total of four pant sizes over that time.
So of course, as a further reward, I had to take a stroll down the sports cards aisle, where I found a pack of 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen. I've always liked this Topps offering and was curious about what this years cardboard class had to offer.
What I pulled were a Chris Carter Silver Border Framed #247 (S/N 232/499) (Astros), Billy Bulter #237 (A's), Trevor Balier #267 (Indians), Jason Vargas #57 (Royals), C.J. Wilson mini #280 (Angels), and a Jose Fernandez #132 (Marlins).
I had Ozzie Smith (in a St. Louis uniform - go figure) on the cover of the pack. The card fronts feature a dark brown, almost sepia-colored front, with white scrollwork and the player's last name, first initial, and team name. I can't say much about the card backs, as they're typical Gypsy Queen backs.
Again, Gypsy Queen doesn't seem to stray too far from what works and this year's offering doesn't really seem all that different from last year's issue. I like them and while I won't buy too many packs, I'll continue to collect all the San Diego players within this set.
While perusing the shelves, I also decided to pick up a pack of 2015 Topps Opening Day. The Topps set aimed at the low buck collector, it's kind of a fun, kitzy set to collect. Besides, who knows, maybe I'd get a decent Padres card or two, or perhaps this year's version of the Swinging Friar mascot card. 
No such luck - Like the Gypsy Queen pack, I was shut out on Padres players. What I did get were 2015 Topps Opening Day Anthony Ranaudo RC #104, Christian Yelich #88, John Lackey #29,  Matt Adams #169, Topps Opening Day Mascots Capper #M07, Greg Holland #23 and Jose Bautista #62.

Again, interesting cards, but I won't be buying too many packs, since I don't get too big a bang for my buck looking for San Diego Padres cards.

Next, I promise. I'll actually post that second pack of 2015 Donruss cards.


  1. Not so much on the cards but congratulations on your significant lifestyle change! Very diplomatic of you not to mention how much the wife lost. ;)

  2. Hackenbush - How do you think I got to live this long?

  3. If you need any '15 Heritage Padres, let me know.