Monday, May 8, 2017

1973 Deans Photo Service Photos

Being a photographer, I appreciate a well-framed, crisp, concise photo as much as anyone. Posed shots are fine, but it's the in-your-face action shots that I find are the most fun to shoot. That's why I enjoy bringing my camera (and telephoto lenses) to sporting events such as baseball games and auto races.

For example, here's a few photos I shot over the past few years, while attending games at Sec Taylor Stadium here in Des Moines during Iowa Cubs games.

Recently, I managed to combine my love of photography with E-Bay to obtain yet another unique San Diego Padres collectible.

In 1973, Dean's Photo Service put their talents to good use, producing a 31-photo set of the San Diego Padres.

The actual set consists of 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 black-and-white photos, with posed player portraits hemmed within a white border. They also included a team and sponsor logo at the bottom of the front of the photos. These blank-backed photos were given away by the Padres in five, six-card groups at various home games throughout the 1973 season.

One cool thing about this set, but sad to say it wasn't incuded in the batch I received, is a rookie-year photo of Dave Winfield. Unfortunately, I didn't get the Randy Jones photo either.

The actual photos included within the 31-photo set of 1973, are (listed alphabetically):
1 Steve Arlin
2 Mike Caldwell
3 Dave Campbell
4 Nate Colbert
5 Mike Corkins
6 Pat Corrales
7 Jim Davenport
8 Dave Garcia
9 Clarence Gaston
10 Bill Greif
11 John Grubb
12 Enzo Hernandez
13 Randy Jones
14 Fred Kendall
15 Clay Kirby
16 Leron Lee
17 Dave Marshall
18 Don Mason
19 Jerry Morales
20 Ivan Murrell
21 Fred Norman
22 Johnny Podres
23 Dave Roberts
24 Vicente Romo
25 Gary Ross
26 Bob Skinner
27 Derrel Thomas
28 Rich Troedson
29 Whiley Westlemann
30 Dave Winfield
31 Don Zimmer

The photos I was able to obtain include Ivan Murrell and Nate Colbert.

Fred Norman and John Grubb.

Clay Kirby and Bill Grief.

Gary Ross and Rich Troedson.

Fred Kendall and Don Mason.

Mike Corkins and Vincente Romo.

Coaches Bob Skinner and Dave Garcia.

Jerry Morales and Leron Lee.

Derrel Thomas and Manager Don Zimmer.
Dean's Photo Services ended up producing four different photo sets. Besides their 1973 release, they offered a photo set in 1974, 1975 and 1976.