Monday, April 1, 2013

SportsCardForum - You gotta love it!

SportsCardForum - You gotta love it!

 As I’ve stated earlier, I enjoy trading cards more than I do purchasing them. There’s something about the ritual involved with trading – contacting your trade partner, getting to know them, the give and take, the good-natured bantering, setting up the trade, and finally, the excitement of the package arriving in the mail.

My favorite, most enjoyable and professional trading card site I’ve found is SportsCardForum ( I’ve been a member since St. Patrick’s Day, 2003 and have served on the Hockey Card team, the events team and as a volunteer. I enjoy how the site is managed, and protects its members.

I belong to two different trading groups on the site – the SCF Baseball Card Traders and the SCF Football Card Traders. The baseball group has 19 members, while the football group has 20 traders (the Bills, Browns, Bucs, Cards, Panthers, Raiders, Rams, Saints and Texans are still open, by the way). Each trading group is divided into six different sets of trading partners. Each month, you’re assigned a different group to trade with.

Last month was my first with the baseball group, as I replaced the former Padres member, and I’ve been trading for about 5-6 months on the football site. It’s a rather nice way of getting rid of unwanted cards and receiving those you’re definitely more interested in.

Back to SportsCardForum – they have members who are interested in trading (and selling and buying) football, baseball, hockey, basketball, racing, MMA, wrestling, Benchwarmer, golf, tennis, soccer and boxing. You can even trade DVDs, CDs, or almost whatever you want. There's an invaluable TTM section, a program to inventory your collection and other goodies.

Best of all, the price can’t be beat – It’s a free website.

Here's an example of a few of the Padres cards I received in a recent trade. Again, I love the old Padres uniforms and wish they would return to the brown and gold, at least akin to what Rollie Fingers is wearing (gotta love that moustache!), rather than the "Dodger Blue" they currently sport.

Give SportsCardForum a try sometime. I think you'll like what you find. Who knows, we could be trading in no time. My nom de plume is "Comatoad."

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