Saturday, April 18, 2015

A 2nd pack of Donruss - Any better luck?

As I mentioned the other day I picked up a second 30-card pack of the 2015 Donruss baseball release just for grins and giggles. After pulling a Tony Gwynn (my only Padres card) in the first pack, I was feeling relatively okay about that pack. So, for whatever reason, I decided to grab one more pack after picking up some yardwork supplies at another local Target store (we have four just within a five-mile radius).
If I was moderately happy with that first pack, I would have to be mildly ecstatic with my second pack - which like the first, also had the pitcture of Tony Gwynn on the front.
This pack had a total of not one, but four San Diego Padres players, inlcuding a Donruss Preferred Bronze Rymer Liriano and common cards of Matt Kemp, Ian Kennedy and Everth Cabrera. Since Panini only has rights from the Players' Association, all the team logos are airbrushed out, which makes it fairly easy to include a new Padres player such as Kemp. However, Cabrera doesn't make much sense in this year's set, as he was granted free agency back in December 2014 and signed by the Baltimore Orioles.
My inserts included a Donruss Elite Yoenis Cespedes, Adam Jones, Donruss All-Time Diamond Kings Ernie Banks, Donruss '81 Masahiro Tanaka, Donruss Studio Matt Shoemaker and Donruss Rated Rookie Dalton Pompey.

I also pulled three oldies but goodies (at least two goodies, anyway), with Ernie "Mr. Cub" Banks, Bo Jackson and Pete Rose. I have to admit, however, I do get a kick out of that Pete Rose commercial for Skechers shoes. "Pete Rose here, in the hall," he says, as he's standing in his home's hallway. His wife then pops into view, telling him, "Pete, you know you're not supposed to be in the hall." At least I find it funny, anyway.
While its rather fun busting wax and it's been interesting in picking up this second pack, I think my fun meter has now been pegged as far as 2015 Donruss goes. While there's a wealth of SPs in the set and some of the inserts aren't too bad looking, a ho-hum layout, airbrushed team logos and not enough Padres cards to make things interesting, guarantees this is another set I'll just pick up my Padres cards as I come across them.

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