Saturday, November 30, 2013

Upper Deck NPN Program actually works

Wow, here's a first for me....two posts in a single day.

However, after getting today's mail, I couldn't help but post.

Even though this isn't a Padres card, or even related to baseball, today's envelope just blew me away.

If you've been collecting for awhile, you've heard of the No Purchase Necessary (NPN) program. For example, Upper Deck offers a chance to obtain a free insert card (while supplies last). All you have to do is go onto their website and register electronically for that particular set. They even allow you to register for as many different sets and sports as you want.
Of course, once you register, you forget about it.
At least I did, until I got this card and letter in the mail today from Upper Deck...                  
Dear Collector,

Congratulations! We are pleased to advise you that your Method of Free Entry request from 2013 Upper Deck Football is a winning entry. Accordingly, we have enclosed a card from that set. We hope collector's like you will continue to support Upper Deck products for many years to come.

Please check our website at for more chances to enter.


Customer Service Department
The Upper Deck Company

Again, just WOW!
I know I've heard some of the horror stories about Upper Deck's Customer Service Deparment, but this is totally amazing, in that the NPN program actually works.
Without a doubt, I'll be entering again...early and often.

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  1. Wow, nice card! Goodwin was a good receiver for UT, and is an Olympian as well. Dude has some wheels, guess he's returning kicks for the Bills now.