Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1992 High 5 Tony Gwynn decal

 I've finally set about organizing my Tony Gwynn cards. Before, they were inventoried and then tossed into a 200-count box - the right side were the good Gwynn cards and the left side, my copies and the ones I can't quite figure out exactly what they are.

Now, they're inventoried and grouped by issue year. Now, it's so easy to find whatever Gwynn card I'm looking for.

Going through them, one of the oddest cards I've found, is not really a card at all, but rather a static cling,. I'm talking about the 1992 High 5 Removeable Decal. My copy has no backing on it, and in a minute, I'll tell you why.

In 1992, Original Products, Inc. issued several sets of static decals featuring random Major League Baseball superstars and team sets. OP was a California corporation which produced and marketed vinyl products depicting popular TV stars, musical entertainers and professional athletes.

These decals came either on sheets with five player "cards" and a log, or as a 'Superstar" sheet with five players and the "Superstar Collection" logo. These sheets cost $2.99 each and the backing paper had a 5"x7" color photo that could be cut out and framed. The decals were unnumbered.

The pack containing Tony Gwynn was part of the five-decal set with Barry Bonds, Dave Justice, Darryl Strawberry and Ron Gant. The 5"x7" photo on the back was Dave Justice.

If you wanted to keep the decals with its backing intact, you had to cut each decal individually, which ruined the photo. There aren't too many collectors willing to do that, so my card, as I stated earlier, has no backing.

Makes for some pretty interesting card history, eh?

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