Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hitting the Padres mother load, 25-cents style

Last Sunday, I hit the Urbandale American Legion monthly card show. I mentioned how I amassed a mess of Padres cards from the dime box, building my own "Leaning Tower of Padres," at one dealers' table alone.
Howver, as I mentioned, much to my wife’s displeasure, I wasn’t done yet. The last table, with the  two, 5,000-count boxes full of 25-cent cards had a plethora of Padres pleasures.
 For starters, I found a whole mess of 2012 Bowman Sterling, including these Purple Refractors< I was also able to add a purple Jonathan Galvez, as well. There were also some 2012 Bowmans Best Padres, as well as some Bowman Chrome that I was a little deficient in.
2012 Bowman Sterling Top Prospects were also among the order of the day. I was also able to stock up on these young Padres - Spangenberg, Sampson and Erlin - and was quite happy with them.

Finally, I found a group of 2012 Panini Prizm Padres, including a Joe Wieland RC and this Chase Headley card. I also was able to pick up a few 2012 Topps Chrome Orange Refractors, including this Kyle Blanks. The thing I love about this card, is it reminds me of a Joe DiMaggio shot, taken in front of his homefront crowds. However, in this case, there's no place like Petco!

I was also able to collect the whole Padres team set of 2012 Topps Chrome Gold Sparkles, as well as almost all of the Padres 2012 Bowman Sterling team set, including some nice RCs.

Despite my love of all things Padres, I was also able to pick up some trade bait. As much as I hate to admit it, Man cannot live on Padres, alone!

All-in-all, Urbandale, as usual, was a great experience. And well worth the visit.

Just don't ask my wife for her opinion of the trip...

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