Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 Gypsy Queen Charity Case Break

Recently, Chris over at Crackin Wax held a 2014 Gypsy Queen Charity Case Break. Initial buy-in for the break was $20 per team, with $5 of the purchase going to charity. Since it took Topps forever to release its checklist, Chris wasn't able to figure out what the final buy-in price was until the final week. At least for my San Diego Padres cards, the buy-in remained at the initial $20.
Each case of 2014 Gypsy Queen contains 10 hobby boxes. Each hobby box has 24 packs with approximately 10 cards per pack, one 10-card mini box, two autograph cards, and two relic cards. That’s an approximate total of 2,500 cards—100 of which are minis and 40 of which are hits!
Over the course of three hours (all documented on video), Chris pulled 46 hits, plus two reverse photo short prints. The big winners were the Blue Jays and Tampa Bay, with five "hits" each. The A's, Astros, Cubs, Indians, Nationals, Pirates, Rangers and Twins all went "hitless."
From the proceeds, $150 went to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
I received multiple copies of all the regular base cards of the San Diego Padres, including Yasmandi Grandal (6), Ian Kennedy (6), Chase Headley (5), Jedd Gyorko (5), Tony Gwynn (6) and Andrew Cashner (7). The Tony Gwynn card is also supposed to have one of those SP,  reverse negative photos.
I also received three minis - Yasmani Grandal (2) and Jedd Gyorko. I was very happy to see the Padres ink Gyorko to a long-term contract. I would efinitely love to see him in Padres colors for a long, long time.
I did receive one hit in the break - a Chase Headley Certified Relic card, complete with a white jersey piece.

 He also threw in these three 2014 Topps Heritage Padres cards as well - Kyle Blanks, Will Venable and Chase Headley.

All in all, I don't feel I did too bad in the case break. The money went to a very good charity, I got a load of new, fresh-smelling Padres cards (including a nice Headley jersey card) and enough to share with my other Friar friends (yes, look for a PWE to come in the mail - I'll draw lots to see who gets the extra Grandal mini).


  1. Hey, thanks for joining the break and for helping me donate to a great cause! Glad I was able to snag a hit for ya! You're more than welcome back any time :)

  2. Duff!

    How's this for the weird unfolding of synchronicity:

    My Google Blogger account was hacked many months ago now. Long, loooong story short, I lost everything on the first iteration of The Underdog Card Collector. Yep, everything. pOOf! Ok, that's 1.

    2. I let the blog go due to the related frustration of all the writing and scans, forever lost. I mean, how does one cope with losing the genius brain child...?! ; )

    3. I've had a package from you lying around the card table for months. So long, in fact, there's been packing, a move, and unpacking, and I've still got this brick from you, lying here.

    4. I re-launched The Underdog Card Collector recently. I'm over the loss of the first blog and, frankly, I missed the outlet and trading with you all. Let alone the banter.

    I opened your package today, finally. Now, riddle me this: what are the odds of holding this package of yours for so long and opening it today, the day Jace Peterson is called up to fill in for Calf Headley, the same day I open the package from you and what's staring up at me?!


    Seriously, thank you so much for the cards. I've got a post with your name on it queued up and ready to roll for next week, once I scan the related cards. That and I look forward to getting a bunch of cards back out to you before, well, let's say a year and another blog lost (the horror!)...

    Cheers, man, and go Padres!

  3. Hi Duff,
    I just got a post up dedicated to the cards you sent me ( Thanks again, man. I look forward to getting you back before too long.

  4. Thanks for the PWE of GQ Padres! Can now take the Cashner card off my "Lookout" list. I'm also glad that the Padres signed Gyorko to a long term deal, though he seems to be really struggling right now. Hopefully he can pull out of it. Even though Chase is having a rough time as well, that's a sweet looking relic.

    Thanks for thinking of me! Good to see that Zach is back in the game as well.

    Take care buddy!