Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More 1977 Padres Schedule Cards

Way back in January, I wrote about the 1977 San Diego Padres Schedule cards and the 47-cards I picked up from E-Bay. The cards, I believe, were either a stadium give-away, or were included by ones or twos, in the envelope when you purchased your tickets. To me, this is one of the Padres' truly oddball sets.
Recently, I was able to find another 25 cards from this set, with only four copies in the group.
Now, I'm within 20 cards of completing the set, but some of the ones I need, such as Marine Lieutenant Jim "Tuba Man" Eakle, may be quite a bit harder to find. At least, I have all the blank back cards already in my possession.
The majority of the cards have a listing of San Diego's Special Events for 1977 on the back, as well as a nice sepia-tone colored picture on the front, in this case, Jerry Turner.

Listing the cards somewhat alphabetically (except for the fact, I scanned them all in reverse order), I'll begin with San Diego's very first draft pick, Ollie Brown, followed by the duo of Steve Arlin cards (one featuring his glove close to his chest and the other showing his follow-through) and Matty Alou.

Here's Glenn Beckert, Clay Kirby, Nate Colbert (and friend) and Jerry Coleman. Due to his untimely death this past winter, the Coleman card was one I particularly wanted in this set. The Colbert card was the second I needed of his four-card series, which also shows him from the waist up and full-figured with a blank back and with Enzo Hernandez).

The next group highlights George Hendrick, Johnny Grubb, Clarence "Cito" Gaston, and Dave Campbell. What's funny, is Dave Campbell is also the club manager for our local VFW. Trust me, the two aren't even closely related.
This series shows Dave Marshall, Clay Kirby, Fred Kendall and Mike Ivie.
The final group includes Bobby Tolan, Ed Spezio, Fred Norman, and coach Bob Miller

The only cards I have left to track down are Bill Almon/Kneeling; Bill Barton; Dave Campbell/Kneeling, Capless; Nate Colbert/Shown waist up; Willie Davis; Tuba Man; Rollie Fingers/Shown waist-up/both hands in glove, in front of body; Cito Gaston/Bat on shoulder/Padres on jersey; Enzo Hernandez and Enzo Hernandez and Nate Colbert; Fred Kendall/Batting Pose; Willie McCovey/With mustache/Bat on shoulder; John McNamara MG/Looking to his right; John Mcnamara MG/Looking straight ahead/Smiling; Fred Norman/Short hair/kneeling; Gene Richards/Shown from thighs up; Ballard Smith GM; Derrell Thomas/Head shot.wearing glasses; Derrell Thomas/Kneeling/Not wearing glasses; Bobby Tolan/Kneeling/Holding cleats in hand; and Dave Winfield/Batting pose/Waist up/Field in background.

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  1. This set is beautiful. Best of luck on your hunt for the final 20.