Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 MLB Chipz

My wife and I headed to Target the other day to get some things including a new pillow and some coffee (how those two things go together, I have no idea). Of course, I don't mind, since Target has a great sports card section, including their $1.59 older cards.

Besides this year's Allen and Ginter, I picked up an interesting new 2013 offering from Topps called  MLB Chipz. Each pack includes four MLB chips, 1 team sticker and 1 game board. In reality, what these are, are standard clay poker chips.

The chips are white, painted with red seams to resemble a baseball. On the front, is a player picture, with his position and an over-sized team logo. The background is color-based on the team's colors, i.e., a red background for the Reds, blue for the Rangers or Blue Jays, etc. The backs have the players' name, team name and the Topps, MLB and MLBPA logos, as well as the manufacturing info.

You can also get gold (one in three), silver (1:4) glow-in-the-dark (1:2), magnetic (1:4), relic (1:1,047)  autographed (1:2,094), and Instant winners (1:5,236).

I have since bought two more packs. Unfortunately, I haven't pulled an Padres chipz yet. The Arnoldis Chapman Reds chipz is gold, while the Evan Longoria and Nick Swisher chipz are silver.The other chipz I have (all common) are (in alphabetical order): Jay Bruce, Reds;  Melky Cabrera, Blue Jays; R.A. Dickey, Blue Jays; Prince Fielder, Tigers; Josh Hamilton, Angels; Felix Hernandez, Mariners; Ian Kinsler, Rangers; Yadier Molina, Cardinals; and Alex Rodriguez, Yankees.

They also include a game sheet so you can  play a flipping game with your chipz.

Will I continue to collect these? I'm not sure. While they're kind of interesting, they're just not that exciting -- the pictures are kind of small and they don't really do much for me. Plus, they're a bit harder to store and display. In any case, you definitely don't want to play poker with these.


  1. I bought a pack of those at Target this weekend as well! Can't remember who I got, but there was a Dodger and a Brave, and probably a Yankee, since they're everywhere. The pack was right next to a box of Qubi stampers, if you've heard of those.

    Pretty sure that Headley is the only Friar on the Chipz checklist. Always Headley.

    1. As for Padres Chipz, it's actually Huston Street and Tony Gwynn.

      #HS Huston Street
      Glow in the Dark #HS Huston Street
      Chipz Gold #HS Huston Street
      Chipz Magnets #HS Huston Street
      Chipz Relics #TG Tony Gwynn
      Chipz Silver #HS Huston Street

      I saw the Qubis. There's no way in heck I can buy one of those things.

  2. Are these for trade? If so please email me at