Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Bucs stops here

I'm a firm believer in Karma, in paying it forward and in sharing the wealth.

Earlier I posted a bunch of 1989 Topps Baseball Card books that were withdrawn from a local library. The books featured full-color pictures of every Topps card produced from 1952 to 1988 for that team. I collected a total of 14 books and put the other 13 up for whoever wanted them (Of course, I kept the Padres book).

One of those books found a happy home with Mark of Battlin' Bucs. Needless to say, he was pretty happy with it, as it helped bring back memories of Pirates cards past.

As a thank you, he sent me a nice little PWE of Padres cards - most of which were new to my collection.
I'll lead off with a 2002 Fleer Box Score #187 Ben Howard, S/N 893/2950. You can never get enough Ozzie Smith Padre cards and this 2003 Flair Greats #1 Ozzie Smith (far right) is greatly appreciated. Despite the fact he spent most of his career in Cardinal red, it always warms my heart to seen him dressed in brown and yellow.

I really, really like this 2002 Topps 206 Polar Bear #428 Khalil Greene Red FYP. Making his MLB debut in 2004, Greene may have been one of the best homegrown shortstops the Padres ever developed, letting his bat speak for his abilities. Unfortunately, the talented Clemson Tiger also battled inner demons of his own.  In 2008 he broke his left hand hitting a storage chest,while batting .213 with 10 home runs and 15 doubles. He was then traded to the Cardinals for Mark Worrell and Luke Gregerson and in 2009, he was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder. In 2010, he had another bout of the disorder, and was released by the Texas Rangers, effectively ending his baseball career.
I also received a 2003 Donruss Heroes #420 Ryan Klesko card and a 2005 Bowman Chrome #273 Travis Chick RC. Chick didn't spend much time as a Padres minor leaguer. After coming from Florida in 2004 for Ismaeal Valdez, less than a year later, he and Justin Germano were packed off to Cincinnati for Joe Randa. Even though it's definitely a posed shot, you still have to smile at Gary Sheffield and Fred McGriff in their 1993 Spirit of the Game #SG12.

Again, it was a rather nice surprise to receive this PWE from Mark. However, like I've said before, having a great relationship with two local brick-and-mortar stores nearby and a monthly card show, I have no problem picking up cards I know my fellow bloggers can use.

Just don't be surprised when you find something in your mailbox from Iowa.

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  1. Sweet PWE! That Greene is awesome, and I wish I had more cards with Sheff and McGriff together, that one is cool.