Thursday, February 20, 2014

A great package from that cool Northwestern cat

Trompsing out to our mailbox following one of our recent bouts of snow (snow in Iowa? Go figure...) I found a few of my favorite things -- A Videomaker magazine and a package full of baseball cards. Not only was it a package full of baseball cards, it was a package full of PADRES cards, courtesy of Zenus over at The Prowling Cat.
As usual, Zenus is one cool cat who has a definitive nose for finding some rather interesting stuff. If you haven't yet, please take the opportunity to read about some of his fantastic flea market finds throughout the Pacific Northwest in his The Prowling Cat blog.
Do you have any sixes? GO FISH. Here's a few cards from the 1992 U.S. Playing Cards Baseball Aces set. He included a Tony Gwynn 3 of Diamonds and a pair of Fred McGriff's. If I were playing poker, I'd say this was a definite betting hand.
Being a photographer myself, I've never been a huge fan of staged photos on cards, as this 1994 Upper Deck Melvin Nieves demonstrates. You almost have to chuckle at the back of this card, though, as he displays his "guns." My first 2014 Topps Padres card of the year comes courtesy of Zenus, a very nice Wal Mart Blue Border Robbie Erlin. I haven't bought any packs of 2014 Topps this year (I'm not too sure if I really dig this set yet, or not), but if I don't get another card from this year's Topps, you absolutely can't go wrong with this Erlin.
To me, Goose Gossage, who pitched for the Padres from 1984-87 was one of the most intimidating pitchers I'd ever seen (the Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky was pretty intimidating as well). Plus, you have to love that furious Fu Manchu moustache sported on his 1986 Topps and 1987 Donruss cards. Eric Show, pictured here on his 1984 Fleer card is another player that I enjoyed watching pitch.
And finally, one of Zenus' aforementioned amazing flea market finds. In 1987, Bohemian Hearth Bread of San Diego, in conjunction with Mike Schechter Associates, issued this 22-card Padres team set. Zenus was fortunate enough to find not one, but three of Benito Santiago's Bohemian Hearth Bread Cards. This particular card, he said, was the best one available. So, let's enjoy the front and back of Bentio Santiago's Hearth card.
I always enjoy it when I get a package from Zenus. We both share a great sense of adventure in finding the odd and the arcane when it comes to sports cards and memorabilia and truly enjoy the thrill of the hunt. 
The ball (or in this case, package) is now in my court.  


  1. We are heading back over next month for the anniversary. If I come across more of those bread cards for different players do you need them?

  2. Heck, I'll take whatever you can find. That was definitely a cool card!