Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I now have a computer again!

Hallelujah !  I now have a new computer, although it took me a whole lot more time than I thought it would. I bought the computer last Monday at a Best Buy I used to work in (a lifetime ago). I stopped in Friday, and they said they would call me to let me know the status. Saturday morning, I had my wife call, and they said they had just completed the set-up, since "they were busy." But, they then  had to transfer the files from my old computer to my new computer, which they estimated to be about nine hours. Bottom line, I was finally computer equipped about 7 p.m. Saturday night.

It's amazing, but life without a computer is like life without a microwave. You don't realize how dependent you are upon it, until it's gone.

At least now, I can get going on my blog again.

Oh happy Days!

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  1. wait-a-minute!!! you have a microwave!! WOW! I'm impressed!